25 Nov 2012

Buried Inside - Time as Imperialism

The calendar year is an imperial narrative.
The seven-day week is an imperial infliction. 
Circannual holidays are imperial flag-posts.

Mechanical time is an imperial installation. 
The merchant workday is an imperial offering. 
Greenwich MeanTime is an imperial sanction.
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Zoviet France - Something Spooked the Horses

5 Sep 2012

Carice van Houten ft. Antony - Particle of Light

Leo Brouwer - Acerca del cielo el aire y la sonrisa

Mission Impossible

Lalo Schifrin, Prague Proms 2010 (Jazz Meets the Symphony), James Morrison, Český národní symfonický orchestr

29 Aug 2012

Chinese Man - Skank in the Air

Devendra Banhart - Rats


OIA ft. Anjelika Akbar - Ben kimim? (Who Am I?) (vers.1)

Who Am I?

Am I too few or too much
Am I existing or non-existing
What am I

Am I the fairy tale or the reality

Am I the fleeing or the exodus
Am I nothing or the fault
Who am I

Am I the tenet or the insanity

Beast - Dark Eyes

Boyd Rice - Disneyland Can wait

Jefferson Airplane - Revolution

The Freedom Charter

Taking my inspiration from the old political slogans and stencils that were used during the struggle against apartheid.

I wanted to bring to life sentences from the freedom charter document that i felt were still pressing in south africa today.

The freedom charter document is an important historical document that acted as a backbone for the struggle listing the demands and desires of the people. Today it is becoming increasingly evident that many of these changes have only been made on a superficial level.

Fimed in 2010 | Directed by Rowan Pybus | Music by Fletcher & Kendal Beadon | Vocals by Vumile Sitokisi & Sindy Dondola

15 May 2012

Burning Spear - Slavery days

Linton Kwesi Johnson - Inglan Is A Bitch

Linton Kwesi Johnson - Reality Poem

Linton Kwesi Johnson - The Great Insurrection

Booker T. & the MG's - Hang 'em high

Kiyoshiro - Summertime Blues

Japanese Rocker Kiyoshiro Imawano sings cover of Eddie Cochran's Summer Time Blues. It's a protest song about proliferation of nuclear power plants in Japan.

This was probably performed in the late 80's or early 90's, when there were only 37 nuclear power plants in a country smaller than the state of California and at least a couple of decades before the recent Fukushima nuclear power plant disasters.

Red hot summer is getting closer
Everybody's going to beach to have some fun
When I was swimming in a deserted sea
I found a nuclear power station
What they are here for, I don't understand
In this small Japan, Summertime blues


Black hot smoke is out from the chimney
Tokai Earthquake is coming closer
But they still keep on increasing
Nuclear power plants are increasing
What the hell they're built for, I don't understand
In this small Japan, Summertime blues
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2 May 2012

Gogol Bordello - Wonderlust King

Gogol Bordello - Super Taranta!

Jack White - Seven Nation Army w/ Catch Hell Blues Intro

Jack White performing The White Stripe's "Seven Nation Army" with a cameo "Catch Hell Blues" intro during his American Express UNSTAGED show on April 27, 2012 at New York City's Webster Hall. Directed by Gary Oldman.

19 Mar 2012

The Mavrix - The New Black

In a first ever musical collaboration between South Africa and Palestine, South African band, The Mavrix, and Palestinian Oud player, Mohammed Omar, have released a music video called "The New Black".

The song is taken from The Mavrix' upcoming album,"Pura Vida", due for release in June 2012.

Outernational - We Are All Illegals

'Todos Somos Ilegales' feat. Tom Morello, Calle 13 & Chad Smith

Chinese Man - Get Up

14 Feb 2012

One Tribe Nation - It's Time

Director Leonardo Bondani's cut- Released on 17 Nov. 2011- Global Day of Action, "Occupy Wall Street" protests all over the US are held to celebrate all day, it's second month anniversary. Civilians in 18 cities protest against US banks, Financial Institutions & Corporations.

This video is a tribute to LA Occupy at Los Angeles City Hall from One Tribe Nation to the world. Directed by acclaimed video director Leonardo Bondani, who has worked with with Moby, Perry Farrell, U2, etc.

PJ Harvey - Written On the Forehead

4 Feb 2012

Troubadours of Divine Bliss - Shake the Devil

An anthem for the Occupy Movement by Troubadours of Divine Bliss, believers in the reLOVEution...it is the solution!


1 Jan 2012

Calle 13 - Querido FBI

Calle 13 video "Queri­do FBI" -​ a trib­ute to Fil­ib­er­to Oje­da Rios, af­ter his death on Sept 23, 2005. 

He was as­sainat­ed by the FBI, shot in the chest and left to bleed to death. Fil­ib­er­to ded­i­cat­ed his life to see Puer­to Ri­co free. Read more.

Placebo - The Bitter End