29 Aug 2012

Chinese Man - Skank in the Air

Devendra Banhart - Rats


OIA ft. Anjelika Akbar - Ben kimim? (Who Am I?) (vers.1)

Who Am I?

Am I too few or too much
Am I existing or non-existing
What am I

Am I the fairy tale or the reality

Am I the fleeing or the exodus
Am I nothing or the fault
Who am I

Am I the tenet or the insanity

Beast - Dark Eyes

Boyd Rice - Disneyland Can wait

Jefferson Airplane - Revolution

The Freedom Charter

Taking my inspiration from the old political slogans and stencils that were used during the struggle against apartheid.

I wanted to bring to life sentences from the freedom charter document that i felt were still pressing in south africa today.

The freedom charter document is an important historical document that acted as a backbone for the struggle listing the demands and desires of the people. Today it is becoming increasingly evident that many of these changes have only been made on a superficial level.

Fimed in 2010 | Directed by Rowan Pybus | Music by Fletcher & Kendal Beadon | Vocals by Vumile Sitokisi & Sindy Dondola